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Orange County, California
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Hi, I'm Ellie

User Experience Designer, Problem Solver and Chess Player

I'm an enthusiastic and determined UX designer, deeply invested in creative problem-solving and design. For me, every challenge is a pathway to personal growth and achievement. Just as chess requires innovative tactics, I infuse my work with creative strategies. Check out my work!

Travel Nurse Staffing App

Mobile UX/UI Design


Locums Research Effort

Research & Discovery

OCR & AI Document Processing

Mobile & Web UX/UI Design

MeetCute Dating App

Mobile UX/UI Design


COD Cold War Zombies Companion App

Ideation & Discovery

Tiny Tales Storybook App

Tablet UX/UI Design

Waitless Medical

Web UX/UI Design

Ellie Morris

Senior UX Designer

Ellie Morris

Senior UX Designer // Strategist | Campaigner | Chess Player

Growing up, my passion for reading, art, and imaginative exploration was evident. My siblings and I constantly challenged ourselves, from crafting elaborate forts — be they life-sized or crafted from Lego — each iteration surpassing the last. This early immersion in creative and critical thinking wasn’t just a pastime; it was an intrinsic drive I’ve since nurtured and expanded upon.


Now, as a professional, this drive fuels my relentless pursuit of growth and innovation. I flourish in environments that prioritize creative thought, particularly when it’s a collaborative effort. Continual self-improvement and refining my projects are second nature to me, always seeking the novel and superior, without compromising on quality.