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Orange County, California
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About Me

I’m a UX Designer in Southern California who works alongside company executives to grow their professional brands and help them create user centered designs.

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My journey in the world of tech.

Around five years ago, I began my experience in the world of tech and design. From my first day, I dedicated myself to studying industry trends and committed myself to constant growth.

It's not the destination, but the journey.

For 4 years at Calvary Chapel, a church with global reach and over 1,800 locations, I worked to launch multiple iterations of websites and assisted in branding. Recently, I was hired by ACS Diagnostics, a medical device company and leader in its industry, to establish their UX practices and develop their brand.

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Ellie Morris

UX Designer

UX Designer, Teacher & Chess Player

Before working in UX Design, I taught fine art classes to kids from K-12, as well as giving private lessons. I loved being able to help my students develop and grow and now turn that same passion towards User Experience.


Always curious and a constant learner, I recently completed a UX Design Bootcamp at Springboard.