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COD Zombies

UX/UI Design Project

Project Overview

Call of Duty Zombies has steadily gained a larger and larger following. Initially starting out as survival rounds, lasting as long as possible, it quickly became more. Players began finding easter eggs and the challenges became more and more complex. Research shows that users began turning to YouTube to complete the challenges, and discover how to play the game by watching walkthroughs. 


This design challenge undertakes to create a solution for the problems new users have in understanding Call of Duty Cold War Zombies objectives and gameplay. 

Design Process


User Interviews
Pain points
User Persona

Design & Ideation

Brainstorming & Ideation
Idea Synthesis

Design Prototype

Information Architecture
Low-Fidelity Wireframes
Mid-Fidelity Wireframes
Usability Testing
Brand Identity Design

Final Design

Hi-Fidelity Prototype
Hi-Fidelity Interaction Design

The Design Challenge

How can we create a challenging and fun game with unconfusing, accessible gameplay?

Surveys, Interviews and Observation

User Research

Initial research explored the gameplay experience. How clear is the users understanding of the objective? How well do they understand the gun they are using? Do they know what armor they have? How clear is the navigation?

Understanding the Player

Creating Personas

Into the Game

The Player's Journey

Pain Points

Player Problems

  • Objective Confusion

    Players were found to go to You Tube to discover next steps of gameplay

  • Unknown Gun Stats

    Players would buy guns and discover stats the use after purchase. Experienced Players knew guns, based off of previous use.

  • By-Passing Game Features

    Players were so caught up in trying to survive, they often missed items. If they did pick up items, often it was unclear what items they had picked up.

  • Tipped Against Newbie

    New players don't last long enough to discover extra features.

  • Navigation

    Navigation is learned by playing the game a few times. Player is found to understand navigation after a few games.


Solution Ideation

App Navigation

User Flows

As a User I want to... Complete the Objective
As a User I want to... Understand the Map Navigation
As a User I want to... Upgrade My Armor

More to Come

In Process