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UX Design Capstone

MeetCute Case Study

Meet Cute Case Study is an app that rethinks the world of online dating. The project spanned over 4 months. This project was completed solely by myself from start to finish. The goal of this case study was to address the many problems of online dating and create solutions. 

Meet Cute Case Study

MeetCute is an online dating app that rethinks the world of dating
MEETCUTE  |  Definition
Scenario in which two individuals are brought together in some unlikely, zany, destined-to-fall-in-love-and-be-together-forever sort of way (the more unusual, the better).
The way the characters meet in “Serendipity” or “When Harry Met Sally” or at least half the romantic comedies out there.


Design Process


Market Research
Observational Study
User Interviews
Pain points
User Persona

Design & Ideation

Brainstorming & Ideation
Idea Synthesis

Design Prototype

Information Architecture
Low-Fidelity Wireframes
Mid-Fidelity Wireframes
Usability Testing
Brand Identity Design

Final Design

Hi-Fidelity Prototype
Hi-Fidelity Interaction Design

Uncovering User



“You’re trying to put your entire person into just a page”


“You’re selling yourself, with all the things you think they want.”

Low Self Esteem

“Online dating has so lowered my self esteem that on the rare occasions when a woman messages me first I’m almost instantly not interested because I think there must be something wrong with her.”

People are Products

Viewed as products

“Please have a full body shot of just you that is recent. If you put on a couple of pounds, nobody will notice. If you put on 20, that’s false advertisement.”



“After swiping forever, hopelessness sets in.”


“One more, one more–it’s a constant dopamine hit that taps into a person’s hope and expectation, and becomes an addiction.”

The First Meeting

Devalued users

“What a convoluted way to learn that I’m ugly everywhere, not just my own neighborhood.”


“I feel like it’s so shallow that you just swipe.”

Wasted Investments

“You meet for the first time to basically break up.”


“When you talk online, it’s great and engaging… the problem is that once you meet the person–you don’t like them.”

Design & Ideation

Initial sketches explored the idea of what brought people together and how to build trust across an online distance.

How Might We Make Users Feel ValuedCreate Informed MatchesMake Dating FunMake Users Feel SafeEnrich Representation

Problems & Solutions


  • Video Rich Profiles

    The user’s profile is filled with videos only, allowing the user to gain a more complete understanding of not just looks, but personality as well.

  • Richer Connections

    The user has a more established role in the app, with connections you can interact with in many ways: quizzes, chatting, video meets and game nights.


People as Products
  • 3 Minute Video Meets

    The user has a more established role in the app, with lasting connections until the user chooses to close them.

  • Begin Face to Face

    Video chats as the initial step forces a user to actually engage and see the person in front of them.

Bringing Value to

The First Meeting
  • Shared Interests

    In the three minute video call, your shared interests are listed at the bottom of your screen, giving you topics to connect over and spark a MeetCute.

  • An Open Book

    The user is represented by their personality, meeting another person and actually having to talk to them. They are no longer just words behind a screen that can be interpreted however the user decides.

Design Prototype

Rough Sketches

Hover over photo for description

Home Page

Rich & Real connections are hard to find. Instead of swiping through profiles that show you pieces of people, MeetCute allows you to establish connections with real people.

You can choose to meet, and meet again, as many times as you want, in the way you feel comfortable, not the way the app pushes you to.

3 Min video chat

Everyone deserves a meet cute. A moment that makes them excited, or feel special. Not a disappointing wasted investment. Talk and evaluate someone for yourself, with the matches being based off of your mutual interests.

A blur begins the interaction, allowing you to talk to the person, but not see them till you choose. Mutual interests enable users to have real discussions that they can be passionate about.

Rich Profiles

Truly clear the foggy glass by getting to see people in a game situation. Games can often bring out true personality and being able to see what someone is like while they play a game can bring trust. When the game is done, the user gets to decide if they want to pursue a connection.

Final Design

A Design That
Highlights You

The next step was to establish a look and feel of the app. For this step, I researched colors, and styles with the goal in mind of bringing all of the focus on the user, so that the user could focus on the person in front of them. I created a minimal style to highlight you.

Problems & Solutions

A Design to Enrich Relationships

Creating a Clear Understanding
  • Your Connections

    Connections that you have to approve, and can close at any time.

  • Activity

    An activity bar that shows your activity in Groups and scheduled

  • Express Interest

    Express Interest in User through their profile, showing a second round of interest after the connection

Getting Face to Face with other Users
  • Group Video Chats

    Group Video Chats that can be created by users, scheduling for a time and picking a theme

  • Video Chats

    One on One video chats that are random, chosen because of the users mutual interests and preferences.

Creating History
  • Quizzes

    Write Quizzes on your profile that interested users can take

  • Timeline

    A timeline on your connections profile shows your mutual history

Virtual Meet Cute

Timed Video Chat 

Optional Extended Video Chat

Organic Moments

End Call Any Time


Video Profile

One Profile Photo

Videos to Show Your Personality

Videos that Show Interests


Connect via Group Games

Judge for Yourself in a Group Setting

Organic Interactions

Creating the Experience