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Tiny Tales
Design Sprint

Five day design sprint based on the google ventures design sprint format.


Tiny Tales is a Design Sprint for a UX Design Bootcamp. The format is a five day design sprint based on the google ventures design sprint format.


Research for this project was conducted by the UX Bootcamp.

A Storybook App

Tiny Tales is a storybook app with a library of stories submitted by authors. 

Finding a Story Your Child Loves

Tiny Tales is created for parents who want to find stories that their children will love. 

Creating a Better Journey

This project centered on creating a better journey through the app, allowing parents to find stories tailored to their children.

Tailored to Your Child

The sprint is focused on creating tailored books to the children’s interests, allowing parents to find selections quickly.

user flow

Discovering the Path to the Perfect Story

secondary research

Researching Other Search Databases

My secondary research was targeted at other apps that tailored to interests. I looked at Spotify, Goodreads, and IMDB. These apps are targeted at the users interests: showing them their past journeys in the app, reminding them of what they love, and offering them new loves. 







rough sketches

The rough sketches allowed me to define the key ideas in the app flow. As the parent journeys through the app, the most critical scene was found to be the search screen. On this screen, the user is given the most options, achieving the objective of finding that perfect story.

Fleshing out Ideas
Refining Sketches

A Personalized Experience

A journey you and your child take together!

user flow
Mapping Out the Journey

The route the parent will take as they navigate through the app is designed to cultivate the experience to the child’s tastes.The user will have their preferences displayed on the home page when they log on to the app. When they search through the app, they can refine their search based on themes or specific features of the book. Parents can find books based on length, values, learning, authors, and similar criteria. The books are readable in the app, and upon finishing, the parent and child can rate the story.

Taking the Adventure

Tiny Tales is designed to be an adventure that remembers you. The children can rate their favorite books, and find books similar to those they love. Every time you login, you can begin a new story or revisit the old. You can search by categories, allowing the user to find exactly what they are in the mood for. Once the story is complete, the children can participate by leaving an emoji that signifies how the story made them feel. My Tiny Tales prototype is designed to be an adventure that both the parent and child can enjoy.