Women's Ministry Website

In this website re-design, I pulled information from an old existing website, and gave this ministry and updated and fresh look. My goals in this project were to give the ministry a flexible means to lay out current information that kept up with the events they continued to have year round, while still representing their ongoing Bible Study. This website was created in WordPress.

Home Page

Old Design

For the home page, I met with the head of the ministry to discover what the utilized parts of the site were. We looked into the top visited elements of the site, and in my new design I implemented those in ways that were easy to find and as focal points. 

The old design had a sliding banner which presented upcoming events and studies. In the new design, the desired effect was a clean, yet informative layout.

New Design

Study Page

Old Design

This is the main study page which needed to be able to offer information about studies, and allow viewers to keep updated with previous studies, find the lessons, and get desired information in a quick and beautiful way.

New Design

2019 Christmas Event

Christmas Home Page

Information Page

Christmas Program